APC Team Member Profiles

by Matt Shamblin on July 13th, 2010

Matt Shamblin – Founder

Matt has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal. His interest started as a young child after his own paranormal encounter with a demonic entity. He uses an analytical and logical approach in his field research.  Science, Mat believes, can “open up the secretes of the multiverse” and “leaves you with a pure, unadulterated product; the truth”. “The answers are there. You’ve just got to know what questions to ask! Has it not always been so that nuclear fission can happen? It wasn’t until we asked how can we cause a neutron cascade of an unstable heavy element that we saw, of our own making, the power and proof of E=MC2” He advances paranormal research with a open, yet extremely skeptical mind which he believes is key to any field. “An Investigator/Researcher should strive to use the [Scientific] Method! Follow it and you’ll find what you seek… more than likely anyway. Just use common sense. Remember ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’. So go for the ordinary explanation first and if the glove don’t fit you must acquit (that is to say the ordinary explanation just doesn’t work) you may have stumbled upon extraordinary evidence!”

Robert Egich – Co-Founder

Robert’s interest in the paranormal was sparked at a young age by an addiction to horror movies and the macabre; always being scolded by my parents for sneaking and watching this type of entertainment fueled my curiosity further. My uncle was from Point Pleasant,WV. and would always intrigue me with stories about The Mothman, the curse of Chief Cornstalk and the tragic demise of the Silver Bridge on which he had crossed just 1 hour before it’s collapse. As a young adult I read several books such as The Mothman Prophecies, Project Bluebook-The Government Study of UFO’s and any publications about Bigfoot, Yeti and The Lock Ness Monster. Therefore; it is no surprise to me, that when I became an adult and could actually seek out my own answers to the unknown I became a paranormal investigator. I approach every investigation with a clear and open mind; willing to accept what I cannot explain,debunk the evidence I can, and derive an analytical conclusion based on the two.