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by Matt Shamblin on July 14th, 2010

Currently, we are accepting applications

From time to time we look for talented individuals that have strong skills, can think outside the box, and have a drive for perfection.

If you would like to join Appalachian Paranormal Center please read some of the qualifications below we are looking for in an applicant.  We will request a lot more during the multi-process interview and probationary time before acceptance into our organization.  We do have a very strong screening process.

Experienced Investigators – At least one year of work on another team with contact information and provide areas of expertise
Education –  Prefer at least 2 years of college work towards a degree
6 Month probationary period understanding that this does not guarantee membership
Provide information for mandatory background checks ( Drug test, Criminal, Sex Offender).  Not providing information for these checks is automatic dismissal for application. Payment for some of the tests may be required.  This money will not be returned since it is for the approval process whether pass or failed

Must be very proficient with computers (email, internet usage, document writing, spreadsheets, audio and video editing programs, various computer protocols such as FTP)
Own a valid\current drivers license and dependable vehicle

Own a working home or cell phone for contact, preferably both
Able to travel on short notice to various states and locations for investigations and conferences
Able to attend team meetings on a regular basis
Able to work long hours doing pre-investigation work

Able to work long hours doing day and nighttime investigations

Able to work long hours doing post investigation data analysis
Minimal Age of  21
Provide 3 Referrals upon request.  These are professional referrals only.

Must be self driven
Must be a hard worker
Must be skeptical
Must be analytical
Must have a clear mind
Must have an open mind to outside concepts and thinking
Are willing to test theories and hypothesis
Are dedicated to the study of the paranormal field
Can follow written and verbal orders with little supervision
Can work on a team and in a team environment
Check email regularly with access to the internet

If you would like to be considered for the APC Team Please fill out the contact form Below.

Thank You,
Matt Shamblin
Appalachian Paranormal Center

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