Demonic Hauntings: 10 Clues To Consider

by Matt Shamblin

Demonic entities are a rare occurrence and there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there that will tell you otherwise. So I’m here to give you simple clues to look for when you’re attempting to ascertain whether or not you’re dealing with a demon.

#1 – Hatred of Scripture

Someone who is possessed by a demonic entity will not abide scripture. The recitation of scripture will elicit a violent reaction. Also the person generally should not be able to recite scripture; rarely will they be able to.  They will also tend to  show an aversion to things like a cross or holy water. If the location is infested with a demonic presence the recitation of scripture will have a decidedly pronounced effect in the area. There may be physical manifestations such as objects being hurled through the air, temperature changes (typically warmer), feelings of heaviness, and auditory phenomena.

#2 – Multiple Personalities

These personalities manifest themselves with no previous history of mental illness. They do not generally manifest themselves in everyday life. These personalities are like primal forces with intelligence and malice.

#3 – Voice Change

More often this occurs with the multiple personalities the demonic entity manifests. The person makes a very unusual and seemingly impossible voice. There are times when the voice may seem to be coming from many places or from many people with an echo. 9 out of 10 we’re not talking an Amityville Horror “GET OUT!” voice, this voice can be high pitched or even simply whispery. The most common and oh so subtle is the growl.

#4 – Super-Human Physical Capabilities

Those who are possessed, when the demon has been angered, are capable of feats of great strength. Rarely they might also exhibit great dexterity.

#5 – Qui Lingo Is Est

Many times the possessed will speak in a language in which they have no previous knowledge. Sometimes it’s a dead language. Since demonic entities have apparently existed throughout the history of our species it knows many languages from various cultures separated both in place and time.

#6 – Changes In Eating Habit

The person eats excessively without putting on poundage or the person does not eat at all and seems to become lard ass. Sometimes the possessed will eat something unimaginable (like insects or various other unmentionable foulness), or their tastes for foods will become drastically different.

#7 – Wounds

Scratches, punctures, welts and in extreme cases even words might appear on the skin. If there are letters or words make sure that it’s not an effect like Wayne Houchin’s Stigmata.

#8 – Physical & Visual  Phenomena

Phenomena such as moving objects, feeling a great weight is pushing down on you, shadows seem to move or morph, the appearance of someone familiar, etc. can be signposts of demonic entities.

#9 – Auditory Phenomena

Sounds such as growling, knocking on the walls or ceiling, a relatives voice calling for you but they are not there are symptoms of a demonic presence.

#10 – Stench

I understand hygiene is important but this is more than mere B.O. Not in every case will you come across this but a foul stench like rotting flesh can accompany a demonic haunting.

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