Dude It’s Raining Orbs

by Matt Shamblin

Orbs are great when the real thing is captured on film. Problem is most people don’t know how to analyze it. With their decidedly untrained eyes they make a declaration:

People we have Orbs and because we have Orbs this place is haunted!

Number one more than likely they have not caught an Orb. It’s a ten to one bet that they caught one of the following: dust, particulate matter, bugs,  water vapor and we can’t forget my favorite the lens flare. Number two Orbs are not indicative of paranormal phenomenon they are simply a form of energy. While what we call spirits can use this energy  to manifest themselves it by no means says that they are there.

Now lets talk about criteria for an Orb:

1.  It should be a perfect sphere. That means no oblong shapes like an egg. When I say perfect I mean perfect.

2.  It should not be transparent. That’s right kids all the “Orbs” you’ve seen that are transparent are not orbs at all.

3.  It must be self luminous.  That means that it emits its own light. That’s the part where you’ve really got to look at the images carefully. You may have something that appears to emit it’s own light but it could have been a reflection of a nearby light source. You must pay careful attention to the little things like that.

4.  And finally Orbs must move in a definite direction.

If it meets all these criteria then it can be called an Orb. To many times people see what they want to see or have been conditioned to see that’s why a hard analytical approach must be taken. I do believe that paranormal phenomena occurs but I don’t necessarily look for it on an investigation (if you know what I mean). I look for data and let the data speak for itself either for or against paranormal activity.

Now let me show you some more examples of “Orbs”. Since you have the knowledge of how to classify an actual Orb take a look at the first photo again. Notice the color of the “Orbs”? They match the color profile of the scene and most certainly don’t emit their own light. They are transparent. So what’s the verdict? It’s moisture kids.

Try this one on for size. This should be a no-brainer! The girl has a fire cracker in her hands. It’s emitting smoke which is particulate matter. Not even close to an actual Orb. You can see the source right in the photo.

Next. Remember what I said about paying attention to whether or not it is actually emitting it’s own light? This is a great example. You can see the high power light source and you can tell that this shot is going to be over exposed. These are not Orbs it is in fact rain.

Now finally lets take a look at an actual Orb. Ask yourself does it meet all the criteria?  Is there a light source that could skew the image? The only one you may not think that it meets is being perfectly circular. You must take into account that this thing is moving as seen by the motion blur in the image. The lighting is overcast. That’s perfect for any shot.

I hope you’ve learned something. Keep these criteria in mind next time before you say “Dude it’s so raining Orbs here” I’m sure it’s raining something but not orbs.

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