EVP 101: How to Catch and Analyze EVP’s

by Matt Shamblin

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena are inaudible voices that where caught on a recordable media like micro-cassette or digital voice recorders.

EVP recordings are a great tool to use to help determine whether or not a place is indeed haunted. However, just like with any other possible evidence collected on a case all other possibilities must be ruled out to determine if the EVP recording is legitimate or if there could have been interference from an outside source; tainting what could have been a great EVP.

You can try to catch EVP voices yourself. Just be prepared that you may not like what you’ll find.

It’s pretty simple. All you need is a recording media of some kind: a micro-cassette recorder, digital voice recorder, your cell phone (the iphone has a voice recording app), your computer, etc. Anything that will record sound will work. I always prefer an external microphone no matter what I’m using. Most internal mics are crap! Hit the little red button and have at it.

If you’re going for the asking questions route pause at least 5 seconds for a response then move on to the next question.

Well after your hours of hunting now you have hours of review.

Equipment Needed:

1. Quality Headphones. Use nice recording studio quality headphones not shitty Walkman or ear-bud style. I’m talkin they cover your entire ear in a cushy little surface and block outside noise.

2.  Audio Editing Software. You need something with some good filters built in for hiss removal and noise reduction. Adobe used to make a fine product called Adobe Audition.

3. Pizza and a cold Beer. You’ll be here a while.

4. Patience. Like I said you’ll be here a while.

Just remember to stay objective. Have fun kids !

* For a more in-depth guide check out EVP 102: Analyzing Your Recording – The Down And Dirty How To Guide

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2 Responses to “EVP 101: How to Catch and Analyze EVP’s”

  1. Claude Valenti Says:

    Several of the details of this post happen to be very good nevertheless had me wanting to know, did they genuinely indicate that? One point I have got to say is your publishing knowledge are very excellent and I will certainly be returning back again for any fresh blog post you make, you could possibly have a brand new enthusiast. I saved your site for personal reference.

  2. Matt Shamblin Says:

    If you’re asking do EVP’s indicate a genuine haunting, yes and no. Yes when combined with other forms of evidence or multiple EVP’s. No for a single EVP. It’s simply not enough to base a haunting conclusion.

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