Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence

by Matt Shamblin

Carl Sagan once said “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” He is exactly correct when dealing with something moving from scientific theory to natural law. For instance, Nicolaus Copernicus had an extraordinary claim for his day called Heliocentrism. It was absolute heresy to say that the earth revolved around the sun in 1543! The establishment frowned upon this and his work was banned. Sad thing is it wasn’t really accepted until the 19th century. Over the course of time we’ve discovered that the sun doesn’t revolve around us, the galaxy doesn’t revolve around our sun and believe it or not we are not the center of the damn universe. As a matter of fact more than likely we are not the only universe. We exist in a multiverse.

If it were not for men like Copernicus that challenged belief for a seemingly wacked out notion, we would still all be sitting here with our thumb up our collective ass thinking we are the center of the whole damn thing. That’s where I think that the paranormal field is at today. It’s filed in  the pseudo-science section of the library; partly because of the closed minded know-it-alls out there like in Copernicus’ day and the quacks, psychos, nut jobs and Frank’s out there lookin to make a dime.

Not everyone in the paranormal science field is a quack, psycho, nut job or a Frank; some are legitimate researchers.

I am a man of science. I believe that everything can be qualified, quantified and measured. I believe, just as many physicits like Dr. Michio Kaku, that the multiverse and everything in it can be explained in a single equation about an inch long.

What the paranormal community needs most is men and women that will help move this from pseudo-science to a respected scientific field of study. I want to be a part of that one inch equation and so should you! “Well, how the hell can I do that?” you may ask. It’s pretty simple… USE THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD IN YOUR PARANORMAL RESEARCH!

1.Observe The Phenomenon. Observe and document everything. Use your digital audio recorder to dictate your observations and later transcribe them. Use all the tools you have at your disposal: still cameras, video cameras, audio recorder, temperature gun, EMF meter. Don’t just observe once do it several times.

2.Formulate A Hypothesis. Take all the data you have gathered and evaluate it. After you’ve done that think of the HOW, the WHY, the WHEN, the WHERE, etc.

3.Test Your Hypothesis. That’s pretty straight forward. Now that you’ve analyzed all the data you’ve gathered and answered your questions; test it out. Again document and if anything is wrong see step one.

4.Form A Theory. Now your getting somewhere. Test again and refine theory as necessary.

That is the best way to get to the theory stage. It doesn’t always work that way though. A guy named Albert came up with this crazy idea that energy would equal mass multiplied by the square of the speed of light. He couldn’t test it but many people have seen E=MC2 even if they don’t know what it means. Unfortunately the Japanese got up close and personal with it twice in WWII with the neutron cascade of an unstable heavy element. We are also beginning to see the possibility M=E/C2 with the very first baby steps being taken with teleportation (we’ve done it with a particle).

The point I’m getting at is that you should endeavor to be a paranormal investigator / researcher, a scientist if you will, and get away from being a “ghost hunter” even if you do it for a hobby. Al did his best work as a patent clerk not a full time scientist. Use the method I’ve lined out for you above on you next paranormal investigation. You’ll be glad you did!

“There are many examples of old, incorrect theories that stubbornly persisted, sustained only by the prestige of foolish but well-connected scientists. Many of these theories have been killed off only when some decisive experiment exposed their incorrectness.”

– Dr. Michio Kaku

Author of Hyperspace, Parallel Worlds, Physics of the Impossible, String Field Theory

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