Request Investigation

by Matt Shamblin on July 14th, 2010

In order to facilitate the processing of your request, we ask that you obey the following procedure. Otherwise we cannot guarantee that your request will be processed.

1. In the SUBJECT LINE of the email, please include the CITY and STATE of the location that needs to be investigated.

2. Address: Include the full address of the location that needs to be investigated.

3. Type of Location: RESIDENCE (Personal residence, residence of a friend or relative) or COMMERCIAL (Church, restaurant, hotel, etc)

4. Request Type: Is the request for you personally, for a friend or relative, or just a general suggestion for an investigation.

5. Contact Info: The name of the owners of the location, their email address and phone number.

6. Relationship: Your relationship to the location. (Owner, patron, etc.)

7. Duration: How long has the activity been going on and what type?

8. Frequency: How often does the activity occur and what is the most recent activity? Please describe.

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