The PenIs Mightier: Document Your Experiences

by Matt Shamblin

Documentation is key in any field; law,medicine,science,history, mathematics, etc. The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

So if you believe you are experiencing paranormal phenomenon document your experience. Document everything from the time, weather, mood, smell, sights, sounds, etc.

Keep a log of your experiences and utilize them to find the help you may need. Not everything that people experience is truly paranormal in nature. In fact, most things mistaken for paranormal have a complete logical explanation. Explore every possibility and dismiss that which can be readily explained. If you  have read any of the previous articles on the site relating to disorders and pareidolia you should be able to recognize the difference between paranormal and normal.

There’s no need to feel like your nuts! You could very well indeed be experiencing a genuine haunting. At the very least your documentation will serve as valuable tool to a paranormal research team. It will help them to help you figure out exactly what is going on whether paranormal or not.

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