Tool Time: Renovations & Paranormal Activity

by Matt Shamblin

We’ve all heard the same song and dance about  how a family or business started renovating their property and shortly thereafter began experiencing paranormal activity.

Some believe that disturbance to the property may provoke spirits that have been otherwise dormant back to life as it were. Alterations to a home that an entity holds dear, and may be quite protective of, may stir enough emotional energy for the spirit to make its presence known.

The energy of demolition or construction is sometimes all that’s needed to provide the strength for a spirit to display activity. Renovations often come with teams of laborers, high stress levels for both the homeowner and contractor, and dozens of energy emitting tools to get the job done – all things that can act as a power source for paranormal activity. Though none of these aspects can really be avoided, it often helps lower the intensity of  paranormal activity if you keep a cool head during the renovation and to take time to relax.

Though this kind of paranormal activity  can make progress difficult, this type of haunting usually settles down after the renovations are complete. If it continues weeks or even months after renovations are been completed, recruit an experienced team of paranormal investigators in your area (nearly all work for free) for help.

Like I said 9 out of 10 any activity you are experienceing will more than likely come to a screeching halt after the renovation is done. But if it continues or you feel threatened in any way please contact us and we’ll help.

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